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Cara’s Calling

The third ‘New Albany’ novel

By M S Clements

A chance encounter with four strangers, leads eighteen year old Cara to abandon her comfortable life as an heiress and search of her birth father in the unstable Militarised Zone that borders New Albany. With no identity papers and a new name she becomes a smuggler, bribing the border guards to allow her to slip into New Albany, where her father was last seen. She sells counterfeit luxury goods to the Albian elite and helps ordinary Albians cross back to freedom.

With each encounter she hopes to find the truth about her father. But when she is discovered in her hideaway by a soldier she thinks her luck has run out, except he hasn’t found her by chance, and it soon becomes clear that he isn’t there to arrest her.

Fifteen years after her disappearance, Cara’s twin, Mike, uses the family’s wealth and connections to find her. Clues lead him to the Militarised Zone, but he is too late. He discovers that she is missing, presumed dead.

In the New Albian palace, the First Lady shares a secret with her daughters, and her beloved Puck, but the truth must be kept from the Albian population. She knows that to fulfil their destiny, they must reach out to the enemy, Puck’s siblings, Cara and Mike.


‘Cara’s Calling’ will be the third book in the ‘New Albany’ series and will be published in 2022.

Read the first ‘New Albany’ novel, ‘The Third Magpie’ now.

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