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Follow a family over three generations as they struggle to survive in ‘New Albany‘, a country being torn apart by an isolationist and increasingly authoritarian regime.

The Third Magpie‘ is available to order now, while other stories set in ‘New Albany’ are works in progress.

The Third Magpie

By M S Clements

A tenderhearted hero struggles against oppression and betrayal as the tension steadily builds in this gripping story of love and survival.

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For fans of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, ‘VOX’, 1984, and other speculative fiction, ‘The Third Magpie’ takes the reader into a terrifyingly plausible world where a wristband restricts your job, your movement, and even who you can marry. It is a society where propaganda masks extremism that threatens your very existence.

‘The Third Magpie’ is available now as an eBook and Paperback

The Martyrdom of Jonathan Keeler

By M S Clements

Tim Smith believes politics can transform New Albany. A successful political career soon provides wealth and influence, but when blackmail and the death of his friend reveal where the real power lies, he finds himself trapped in an increasingly dangerous regime.

Can Tim survive while undermining the tyrannical system he helped to create?

To be published in spring 2021

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Cara’s Calling

By M S Clements

After a chance encounter with four strangers, Cara’s comfortable life in a wealthy family is upended as she discovers her real father may be trapped inside the isolationist regime of New Albany.

Can Cara survive as a smuggler in the New Albany border zone long enough to find her family?

To be published in spring 2022

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