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Guided Self-Publishing

Considering self-publishing but don’t have the time or inclination to do every single step yourself, then we would love to hear from you.

We focus on “guided self-publishing” and can help with many of the stages e.g. cover design, proof reading, typesetting for eBook & paperback formats, ISBNs, Amazon accounts and uploads…
Choose one stage that’s been troubling you or the whole suite of services.

We currently do not offer any marketing or online advertising services as we are still in the process of mastering that ourselves.

If you are writing an “independent book for independent minds” we may be able to publish your work under the PgUp brand.

To start a conversation, write to us at

The Virtual Writers Group

Keen to be part of the author community, then join M S Clements and thousands of other writers on Twitter:

A haven for writers.
Support, solace, weekly picture prompts, and GIFs galore.
Come on in, the water is fine

@virtwriting #VWG

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