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When I was small, a weekly treat would be a copy of ‘Bunty’, a comic, filled with the usual girl centric activities and stories, most of which seemed to revolve around boarding schools and animals. Much like other comics of its day, and of those from generations before, the publishers…

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All Aboard The Blog Tour

WHAT ON EARTH IS A BLOG TOUR? My thoughts exactly! I had visions of trudging across the country, becoming familiar with motorway service station sandwiches and breakfast buffets. And any way, isn’t this sort of book promotion the preserve of the major publishers? Turns out I was wrong. Not only…

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The Making Of A Book Trailer. Ever thought that making a video advert for your book is the preserve of big budget marketing departments? Yes, so did I, until recently… Selling a book is not easy. Every day, thousands of new books are released. Some through the big publishing companies…

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Find Your Tribe

They say writing is a lonely profession, and that may have been true before the advent of social media and the internet. Today we have hashtags, so many hashtags, for every stage of the writing process. After some sage advice from writer, Eve Smith, I joined the #amwriting twitter community…

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Character Building

By M S Clements. When I began writing The Third Magpie, I had a physical picture of my characters but not their traits, those little things that they do or say, that defines them. I found that these develop over time and soon you see your character grow into their…

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Hello World!

Where do I begin? How do I do that? Who should I talk to? … When we set out to learn something new, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty and may not even take the first step. It’s definitely easier when we have someone to help us, and…

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