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PgUp books was established in 2019 after discovering during our own journey to bring a book to market, that writers needed more tailored help in publishing their work.

We observed that access to the large traditional publishers and even the agents acting as their gatekeepers was a bit of a lottery, or relied too much on you “knowing someone”. Debut authors were left earning very little from each book sale.

That didn’t feel right.

Self-publishing was an alternative, and had become much easier with the advent of eBooks and online distribution. Producing a high quality self-published product meant buying numerous new software packages and mastering new skills for cover design, typesetting, file formatting, ISBN registration, distribution channels, copyright libraries, marketing and analytics. Definitely possible, but consuming a massive amount of time that could be better spent writing your next book.

That didn’t feel efficient.

Hybrid publishers claimed to occupy the middle ground, but often quoted large upfront fees to produce your book, while leaving all the downside risk and marketing to you.

That didn’t feel like good value.

We chose the self-publishing route.

Now we could just grumble about how convoluted and time consuming everything was, or we could try to improve things for the next person – PgUp was founded for that purpose.

Although we are just starting out, we will share everything we learn to make it easier for future self-publishers. We will connect writers to information and skilled people for each publishing step.

We provide “guided self-publishing”:

More professional books.
More time to write.
More money for authors.

We would love to hear from you.
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